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We love to simplify everyday life. That's why our app makes it easier and more convenient to pay for your parking. WayToPark is the future of parking, all at the touch of a button!

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It’s about giving you a better experience

WayToPark is more intuitive and easy to use than ever. We collaborate with digital experts to bring you the best parking app possible!

Locations, not Zones

Pan the map to find your nearest parking that you can pay with WayToPark. Although we focus on location and addresses for more convenience, you can still search for your zone in the search bar.

Your time, your choice

You only pay for the time used and with a simple click you extend your parking so there is no risk for missing out on the payment, hence no missing out on the fun either.

History & Receipts

All finished parkings are stored in the app and on the web so you can get an easy overview of your parking expenses. Your accountant will love that!


From terminal to digital

Cale started building parking terminals in 1955. We are proud of this legacy and want to share our gathered parking experience with you.
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Physical Terminal

The IOT (internet of things) era is here! Everything is connected, and so is the parking terminal. We connect the terminal with WayToPark; extend your stay made with the terminal in WayToPark; just use the same vehicle registration number and credit card!

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Request Digital Receipt

Login or Register to get a hold of your parking receipts – even the ones from your parkings made in a Cale Parking terminal!

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Collect it all in the App

WayToPark is your digital storage for receipts, even the ones made in the Cale Parking terminals!

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Online Permits

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Let’s make parking easy

Parking shouldn’t be a hassle. Our mission is to make your stay simpler so you can focus on your life.

About WayToPark

We rebooted our app with the mindset to make it more intuitive and user friendly, so when using the app you’re only two clicks (!) away from a parking.

We support different payment methods where we implement the ones that we know are preferred by the many.

We are your parking app, download it today!

Business Account

With WayToPark Business you make your company fleet into one. No more lost receipts or expenses with small amounts – it’s all connected to one payment method!

Click on the link below to register/login or to send an inspirational e-mail to your boss!

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Parking by Cale

We connect all our products in the cloud; mobile app, parking terminals, digital permits, and enforcement.

This means a smarter way of working for your municipality or your parking operator, and a smarter way of parking for you.

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Part of Cale Group Worldwide

We are the parking company that believe in movement. We hate interruption. And we love flow. Innovation is the fuel that drives us, contributing to functional societies where people spend time on things that truly matter.

As a global company, we have the knowledge, experience and the mindset to create smarter cities, and by being our customers’ best advisors we provide user-friendly, reliable and sustainable solutions. In a world, where the only constant is change, we will never stop moving. We will always help people to stay ahead.

Are you representing an Operator?

Hope you’re already inspired by WayToPark! For more information about the product from your end and how to order, please visit our company page: WayToPark